Employment agency – 5 reasons why it’s worth it


The Employment Agency is responsible for the client’s activities in the broadly understood HR area, which includes recruitment and selection of employees, as well as full HR and payroll outsourcing or leasing of temporary employees. By deciding to cooperate, the contractor gains access to dedicated HR specialists and a current database of over 30,000. candidates ready to take up new employment almost immediately. In addition, by entrusting the issues of human resources, due to the flexibility of employment, you have a chance for satisfactory optimization of the budget.

Employment agency and seasonality

When the demand for your services or products increases and your business needs extra hands to work, the Employment Agency will easily provide you with them. By entrusting the multi-stage process of recruitment, selection and employee administration, you will relieve yourself and your existing employees from additional tasks. Employment flexibility allows you to maximize productivity while reducing costs.

Success fee

You don’t have time to check the employee’s qualifications? Do you need someone to take over the duties of a departing employee? No time for bad decisions? The mechanism of “try – explore – decide” fits perfectly into this type of situation. Thanks to the specialists on the side of the Employment Agency, you can not only hire a new employee without initiating an internal HR department, but you can also be sure that you will only gain from it. By employing the proposed employee, the risk of a wrong decision drops to practically zero, because if the employee does not prove himself at his job, then you have a choice – either hire a new one or resign from additional recruitment, and thus from further recruitment costs.

Physical and intellectual positions

Handing over the complicated process of finding a new employee of the Employment Agency, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the skills and experience of dedicated headhunters. In addition, we will not incur the costs of publishing the job offer on popular internet portals dedicated to this purpose. For the purposes of the recruitment process, we use some of the most modern tools and applications that allow us to select employees who best meet our previous expectations.

The recruitment possibilities are endless. Speaking of recruitment using the Employment Agency, we can count on both manual and intellectual employees. The acquired knowledge and experience, while using the currently available tools, makes the quick and trouble-free employment of new employees at your fingertips.

Replacement employee

Certainly, most employers have encountered a longer absence of the current employee, caused by, for example, maternity leave or prolonged sick leave. Temporary employment will ensure the continuity of full-time employment, and after the return of the original employee, it will not double it. The possibilities offered by a temporary employment contract allow the use of a short notice period, which will certainly add additional variants on the occasion of possible job reduction.


The current coronavirus pandemic has introduced chaos and uncertainty. Due to the need for social distancing, we have streamlined our workstations and moved the vast majority of recruitment processes to the on-line zone.

The unpredictability of the current market keeps many entrepreneurs awake at night. The cyclicality of increasing and decreasing demand requires employment flexibility, which can be implemented without any obstacles thanks to the services offered by Employment Agencies. What’s more, thanks to advanced technological tools, the speed of the recruitment process will not adversely affect its quality. Temporary employment is particularly important when the level of orders is rapidly increasing and therefore we need extra hands to work.

More and more companies are convinced to the extensive services of Employment Agencies. These are not only industry tycoons, but also small and medium-sized enterprises. Benefits in the form of budget optimization, expert teams, employment flexibility or minimizing the risk of hiring the wrong employee directly affect business development and increase competitiveness. If you need at least one of the wide range of services offered by the Employment Agency, do not wait and trust proven experts – hire and profit.

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