Employee leasing

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Employee leasing: This is one of the most popular and convenient forms of employment for the employer. This is particularly ideal, especially for companies that need a temporary increase in staffing due to an increase in production, fulfillment of a large one-time order or seasonality of operations.

Employee leasing is a legally sanctioned form of hiring employees who remain employed by our temporary staffing agency, but become involved in an employment relationship on behalf of another business entity-your company.

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Benefits for your company.

  • No recruitment costs.
  • The total cost of the service is a deductible expense for your company.
  • Rapid agency response time to employee absenteeism, immediate replacement in case of employee resignation.
  • Extremely simple billing for the service – report, one invoice.
  • No official obligations such as Social Security contributions and taxes, among others, these remain with the agency.
  • Flexibility in the provision of employees – the ability to adapt the service to seasonal increased demand for workers
  • advanced employment coordination including transportation and personnel management
  • a dedicated service coordinator or HR team
  • an advanced online recruitment system that allows clients to select targeted individuals
  • access to a database of candidates, including specialists, in any industry
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