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Every employer is obliged to guarantee safe and hygienic working conditions for employees, regardless of whether employment is based on an employment relationship (contract of employment) or otherwise.

Outsource your health and safety (OHS) services to us

Two men and one woman are looking in one direction. They are dressed in a special outfit. They have protective helmets on their heads.
  • running internal audits
  • Identifying and analyzing hazard and occupational risk
  • providing health and safety training – initial and periodic,
  • providing other training, such as first aid or fire safety.
  • ordering tests and measurements of work factors
  • representing the company before inspection authorities
  • such as the State Labor Inspectorate and the State Sanitary Inspectorate and assistance in implementing orders and decisions of the aforementioned authorities
  • analyzing the causes of workplace accidents and representing the company in post-accident proceedings
  • health and safety consulting
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